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Alan Harmon was wonderful to work with! Thorough, incredibly knowledgeable, caring and kind. Couldn’t be happier and will only work with Alan in the future

   - Alaleh Akhavan

Your Journey

Purchasing a home will be one of the most important investments of your life. Although the process is very exciting, it can quickly become overwhelming. For the home buyer, having a comprehensive understanding of the condition of your home is crucial to making informed decisions throughout a real estate transaction.

Whether you are a first time home buyer or upgrading to a larger home, Harmon Home Inspection, LLC ("HHI") will provide you all the necessary information you will require to make appropriate decisions within 24 hours. 

HHI recommends that you accompany us on the inspection through the house and grounds during which we will inform you of any concerns and deficiencies, discuss "how things work", share maintenance concerns both how and why, so as to provide a real education about your new home. 

Homes Of Any Size

Our home inspection services provide homebuyers, sellers, real estate agents, and mortgage lenders with a comprehensive visual examination of all homes including:

Single Family Homes

Multi Family Homes



Your Environment

In addition, environmental concerns are a top priority for us.  As we offer no remediation services, keeping our assessments unbiased and thorough inclusive of:

Radon Testing

Water Intrusion Analysis

Mold Analysis

Lead Testing

Air Quality

Pest Analysis


A pre-sale inspection most often will reveal to a Seller what needs to be done before putting the house on the market. Correcting issues before the buyers inspection will alleviate many obstacles during the selling process and prevent buyers walking away from your home. It is always advisable to correct as many issues with the house as possible before you go under contract. A pre inspection is a great proactive way to avoid issues in contract.

HHI suggests testing all your light fixtures, outlets, sinks, toilets, and smoke alarms before you allow an inspector into your home. Common deficiencies show up in a report, but the homeowner can easily correct beforehand.

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